Hospitality and work exchange

Hospitality paidWork exchange – food & accommodation
On the paid hospitality program, we find you an appropriate paid job that meets your experience at any location in Australia as a casual worker. You would most likely be working in housekeeping for a 6 month period in a more remote location that would likely have staff accommodation.The hostel internship program is where you work front desk and / or in food and beverage for a backpacker hostel in Australia. The minimum term is for 12 weeks but you can stay longer or move locations if you do well. You live with other interns in a hostel dorm room so you arrive and go directly into your accommodation. You work for maximum 32 hours per week and in return receive accommodation and a minimum of $70 pocket money allowance or 2 meals in the hostel restaurant.
ACCOMMODATION Here we would aim for a location with staff accommodation but if they do not have this then we would have the hotel help with finding accommodation or we would help you find accommodation for at least 6 months commitment.You live in a dorm with other interns at the work place and you have this accommodation from the day that you arrive
THE WORK We cannot guarantee what role you will receive, this as it as the discretion of the hotel and this is based on your experience. You would most likely be in housekeeping.You are guaranteed to work in Guest Services and F&B in the Front of house with some part time housekeeping.
LOCATION We work with over 200 hotels however they may be located anywhere in Australia. Our job is to find one of the hotels that would be happy to accept you on the program. This would likely be a more remote location. You can choose where you would like to be, such as Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane or in a fun tourism location like Airlie Beach / Cairns / Magnetic Island / Byron Bay.
START DATE You need to come at a date determined by the hotel (best start dates are September / October and May but others may be possible) Generally, we choose a date and then start date may be up to 2 weeks after arrival if you need to find accommodation or do some training or courses for example.You can let us know the date you want to arrive and we can generally get a start date very close to this.
DURATION You need to commit to the one job for 6 months.You can choose to stay for 12 weeks and can then extend for longer and can also move to another location for your next 12 weeks if the manager recommends you. This means you can work and travel with the same host in more locations if you choose.
MEETING PEOPLE You will meet people but it may require more effort on your part to get out there and meet them.You will meet people from the moment you arrive, you will live and work with them, go on hostel bar tours, etc. from the very first day meaning there will be far less culture shock on your arrival. You often get free trips from activity providers so you will promote their trips to guests. Please note you may live with 6 or 7 others so it can be quite a shock when you first move into the hostel however most hostels try to give you a private room for your first few nights so you can relax on arrival.
HOURS You are a casual worker. This means that if you do well there tend to be more hours and if you do not do so well then the hours may decrease at the discretion of the employer.You will work 32 hours per week which is usually 4 days per week meaning you have time to pick up second job at a local café if you wanted to or spend more time at the beach or doing activities.
TIME UNTIL PLACEMENT We do need more time to make the placement as we are waiting to find out who will depart from hotel jobs so we know we can fill them. This means you may not have your placement until very close to the anticipated start date.We can place much further in advance so you can plan your trip much further in advance.